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E News from Police Superintendents’ Association

E News from Police Superintendents’ Association

January 11, 2022


Police Superintendents’ Association

Please note that the PSA website contains a wealth of information to support members including FAQs on key topics affecting superintendents and latest news on issues surrounding pay, pensions and terms and conditions. 

National Officer Commitments

President Paul Griffiths will hold a budget setting meeting and national officers’ meeting.  He will also chair the regular ‘valuing difference’ dial-in.

Paul will chair the Nominations and Remuneration Committee Meeting for Police Care UK, he will chair the Police Foundation CPD event and will participate in the PSA VAWG dial-ins.

Paul will participate in the Police Covenant Oversight Board and will give evidence to the Public Services Committee in the House of Lords on ‘future workforce.’

Paul will attend an Operation Talla meeting and meet with Police Mutual. He will also meet with the director or leadership in the College of Policing.

National Secretary Dan Murphy will attend the budget setting meeting and national officers’ meeting.  He will meet with representatives from the Cumbria branch and will meet with KPMG and PWC (separately) relating to annual allowance tax.

Dan will meet with the chair of the Police Pensions Scheme Advisory Board and with colleagues from Bermuda. He will attend the West Yorkshire Police branch meeting and will meet with Kate Halpin to discuss PSA project work.  He will meet with Police Mutual and will attend the SANI AGM.

Dan will hold a case conference with the legal team regarding pensions matters and will meet with the NPCC National Reward Team regarding the Pay Progression Standard.



Members are strongly encouraged to participate in this year’s pay survey which can be accessed here. We are urging anyone who has not yet taken part to do so – the data obtained is crucial in association work to influence positive change on behalf of members and the wider workforce.

The survey is being conducted by the PSA and will provide critical evidence in work to influence those that make pay decisions for the Service.

As in recent years, the survey asks about views of life in policing, as well as opinions on recent and upcoming changes to pay and conditions, and how future decisions about pay can be made in as fair a way as possible.

This year’s survey can be accessed here.

The survey should take around 20 minutes to complete and all responses are stored and reported anonymously.

Every year, the pay survey has enabled the association to collect valuable insight and data on its membership, which has secured positive change.

As the association continues to challenge the government over the processes in place to determine police officer pay, the evidence and data this survey collects is crucial.

Anyone with queries relating to the survey should contact dan.murphy@policesupers.com.

Violence Against Women and Girls – PSA ‘listening’ events


The PSA’s online ‘listening’ events relating to violence against women and girls continue and members are encouraged to participate to share their experiences and insight. The information supplied is crucial in informing work to influence the national agenda.

Dates, times and joining links for the online events are below:

Tuesday 11th January
1300-1430, female only: joining link

1500-1730, mixed event: joining link

Friday 14th January
1300-1430, female only: joining link

1500-1730, mixed event: joining link


Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, the association is keen to enable members who wish to have more private conversations with the association to do so.  Male and female members of the National Executive Committee are therefore available for one-to-one conversations for anyone who would prefer to speak in this way. Please email paul.griffiths@policesupers.com or Emma.Richards@met.police.uk (PSA Gender lead) to arrange this. The detail of the conversation would be stored anonymously with the wider consultation data.


Legislation on Police Pensions – Update


The second reading of the Public Services Pensions and Judicial Offices Bill took place on the 5th January. The Hansard is attached and at this link.

Pat McFadden MP opens the debate relating to the PSA and you can see his policing comments from this link onwards.


Summing up for the government, Mr Cartlidge said “The question asked by the right hon. Member for Hayes and Harlington and the shadow Work and Pensions Minister about the so-called pensions trap and the issue around the police has been raised with the Government by police representatives and we have been considering it. The Home Office is consulting on detailed regulations to implement a prospective McCloud remedy for the police pensions scheme, but the Government must not take action contrary to the intention of this Bill to remove discrimination identified by the courts by inadvertently introducing new unequal treatment and discrimination.”


A number of standard resolutions were passed, including one that says that the committee stage proceedings will be concluded by 1st February, meaning that it will sit during this month.


Further updates will be shared with members when available.


College of Policing Update


Please find attached a fortnightly stakeholder update for the PSA, highlighting College work to support policing in England and Wales. This includes:


  • An update on the national policing committment to protect women and girls
  • Court of Appeal hate crime guidance ruling
  • An update on the National Police Wellbeing Service and tackling fatigue


Peer Support Training – Could you help a colleague?


The PSA has worked with the Oscar Kilo, the Police National Wellbeing Service and the College of Policing to launch a new training opportunity for members.

The newly developed Peer Support Training equips members with skills to provide help and guidance to members on a range of issues, acting as a critical friend to colleagues needing independent support. The training also supports your self-development.

The training courses, which have been undertaken and approved by the national officer team and National Executive Committee, are now available for members to attend on the following dates:

Friday 14th April

Friday 29th April

Friday 13th May

Friday 27th May


The course runs from 0900-1500.  To secure a place, email contact@oscarkilo.org.uk


Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leaders


Since 2018 the College of Policing, in partnership with the Superintendents’ Association, has been running workshops aimed at improving basic skills for mentoring and coaching. These consisted of an intense, one-day workshop and participants were urged to work with three people from groups currently under-represented in policing after completing the day.  Over 1000 managers have now been through the programme.


During the pandemic, the College re-designed the course to enable on-line delivery and took the opportunity to increase the focus on developing and applying the skills to working with people from groups currently under-represented in policing as part of work to build an inclusive culture and contribute to talent development.


The new blended approach draws on experience of the online deliveries followed by face to face practical application.  There are two online modules of around 3.5 hours that will be delivered by trainers online, and then a face to face, one-day workshop. The sessions will cover elements of diversity and inclusion, skills work and the face to face workshop is focused on practicing the skills explored in the online sessions. There will also be pre-work of no more than an hour before each part of the course, and workbooks will be provided.


This increased commitment reflects the importance of the work, which has been, and continues to be, evaluated by the Home Office and supports the national Action on Inclusion and Race programme.  After the course, delegates are connected to other programmes such as Inspire – a new programme aimed at officers and staff in the early years of their career – so that delegates will have an early opportunity to apply their skills.  Delegates are still asked to commit to mentoring at least three people and, to maximise impact of the programme, delegates are expected to have at least two years’ service left before retirement.


Cohorts for the course will contain a maximum of 30 participants and delegates will be expected to attend all three elements.  The workshops will be led by experienced coaches and trainers who also work with other programmes such as the Strategic Command Course.


Confirmed dates are below:


Workshop information
Cohort Online session 1 (half day) Online session 2 (half day) Face-to-face session
(full day)
Location of the face-to-face session
8 19 Jan

10:00 – 12:45

2 Feb


9 Feb

9:30 – 16:15

9 20 Jan

10:00 – 12:45

3 Feb

13:00 – 16:30 inc. break

10 Feb

9:30 – 16:15

10 23 Feb

10:00 – 12:45

9 March

13:00 – 16:30 inc. break

16 March

9:30 – 16:15

11 24 Feb

10:00 – 12:45

10 March

13:00 – 16:30 inc. break

17 March

9:30 – 16:15



To book a place, please email events@college.pnn.police.uk


City Forum Policing Webinar


The third webinar in Cityforum’s ‘Policing the Nation’ virtual series ‘British Policing at an inflection point – communities, leadership and performance’ takes place on Wednesday 12th January 2022 from 14:00 to 16:00.

This Cityforum series, developed with thinking from Martin Hewitt, began with a discussion led by Martin and Sir Tom Winsor on 9th November.  The second event on 7th December focused on technology and policing capability and accountability and was keynoted by Paul Taylor and Mike Hill.

For Session Three: Stresses, tensions and inflection points the chair, Mr Giles York former Chief Constable Sussex Police and Cityforum Associate, will be joined by:

  • Lord Herbert Chair College of Policing
  • Ms Sophie Linden Deputy Mayor Policing & Crime London
  • Ms Una Jennings T/Assistant Chief Constable, Crime Investigations Cheshire Police
  • PC Olivia Dixon Hertfordshire Constabulary
  • Ms Adeeba Malik Deputy Chief Executive QED Foundation


All public sector places are complimentary, and you can register on our website here using access code Cityforum2022


If you missed the start of the series, you can catch up on the Cityforum YouTube channel using the links below:

Session One: The Peelian Principles and their applicability in the light of the pandemic and societal changeshttps://youtu.be/wbSMkkXvJJU

Session Two: The Peelian Principles and digital, data and technology in policing https://youtu.be/BHh-UMXkJUA

The full series agenda and confirmed speakers can be viewed on our website.


‘Odd one out’: A virtual talk by DI Warren Hines on his diagnosis of Autism: Thursday Feb 10th 10-1115am


Please see below invitation from the Operational Development and Learning Team and West Midlands Police:


OD&L invite you to hear the lived experiences of DI Warren Hines who describes his Autism as a ‘Gift’.


Warren will be presenting a live webinar on Thursday 10th February 2022 between 10-1115am where he gives us a rare opportunity and insight into the lived experiences of Autism which will enable us to recognise the struggle of others and to remember the importance of building a fair and just society through the inclusion of everyone. It honours our Neurodiverse communities and showcases the gifts that Autism can bring. The talk will be impactive, helping to equip you with a greater understanding of inclusivity that can better shape our future.


Warren states: “I am Autistic and for me the world is generally a confusing mass of people, events and places that I do not fit into. Like other Autistic people I have spent my life imitating neurotypical people to ensure that I am accepted, masking the traits that would identify me as being Autistic. This can have a catastrophic affect upon mental well-being, especially when the mask slips. Depression and anxiety have been my constant companions throughout life, however I wouldn’t trade being Autistic for anything”.


Sound like a great way to learn more? Please register and come and join us for what promises to be an entertaining, informative and interactive event. This email may not get to everyone so please share with your teams and colleagues.


Please note that this is a virtual event open to everyone within policing. You may wish to invite others that can benefit from the talk but please do not do so without first seeking permission.


Please paste this link into google chrome to register:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/odd-one-out-tickets-217426718167


Free webinar: Laughology – Toxic Positivity – Why suppressing negative emotions is bad for your mental health

Laughology are hosting their first FREE webinar of the year, hosted by their Head of Happiness and Founder, Stephanie Davies.

Laughology have put together a FREE 45-minute webinar that aims to banish toxic positivity in favour of real tools and techniques to stay realistically happy and mentally healthy in 2022.

Friday 14th January 2022, 12pm – 12.45pm

This fun and interactive session will explore:

  • What toxic positivity is and why it’s bad for your mental health
  • How to think and behave in a positive way that’s healthy for everyone.
  • How use negative emotions as a way to help you get back on track, rather than trying to hide them away

To book, click this link, scroll down and on the right hand side you will see where you can register your seat.

Toxic Positivity – why suppressing negative emotions is bad for your mental health | Webinars | Learning & Development (laughology.co.uk)

Career Opportunities

–        ADS Group Ltd – Head of Policing and Law Enforcement Engagement
The above role is described as potentially suiting a recently retired or retiring police or law enforcement professional, with procurement, strategic NPCC and international experience or more general commercial experience in dealing with policing. More details are here.

CPD Focus

The following CPD / learning events are available to members this year.  Details can also be found on the career development page of the PSA website here.


Senior leadership development programme (SLDP)

‘Consider your personal leadership style, emotional intelligence and your ability to influence culture’

This programme is suitable for chief inspectors, superintendents and police staff with equivalent responsibility. It is assumed that delegates are senior leaders with a broad experience of leadership and supervision. It consists of two modules, four months apart with a work-based task in between.

More information and book details can be found here.


College of Policing:

The College of Policing is hosting a series of webinars in partnership with the Police Superintendents’ Association.


These are free of charge and open to all at the superintendent rank, and will cover in addition to other themes; diversity and inclusion, lessons from Op Talla, wellbeing & resilience.


Bookings should be made online at Leadership Learning | (college.police.uk). When booking, please use a browser other than Internet Explorer, which will cause problems.


Upcoming events:

  • 11th January 2022 – 1100-1230 – ‘The Strategic Review of Policing in England & Wales’ – Rick Muir, Police Foundation
  • 25th January 2022 – 1100-1230 and 1500-1630 – ‘Public health leadership’ – CC Gavin Stephens
  • 8 February 2022 – 1100-1230 – HMICFRS – ‘The value of independent inspection’ – HMI Andy Cooke

If you are unable to attend, you can access recordings of previous events here.


Learning Resources for Superintendents


The Superintendents’ Toolkit supports superintendents and chief superintendents in their decision-making process by providing clear guidance on responsibilities, powers and authorities that come with the role. The toolkit also supports newly-promoted or temporarily-promoted superintendents who would like to get a quick understanding of the additional operating powers and procedures.


The toolkit is available on the College of Policing Leadership Learning platform: https://leadership.college.police.uk/enrol/index.php?id=38. You will need to create an account to access the resources.


Operational guidance and other necessary information for officers and staff is also gathered on the Knowledge Hub as a central point of information for COVID19:  NPCC CIVIL CONTINGENCIES COMMUNITY.


Financial planning events / retirement seminars


A number of providers are offering financial planning and retirement advice to members at bespoke PSA events this year.  Events, some of which are planned for this month, are hosted by:


  • True Bearing
  • Police Mutual
  • Reflect Financial
  • Close Brothers
  • Police Clubs Financial


For more information, dates and contact details, visit the dedicated page on the association website.


Reflect Financial

Pre-Retirement Seminars for PSA members


Phil Pearson, supported by Tim Jackson QPM (former PSA National Secretary), will be holding pre-retirement seminars on the following dates:


  • Wednesday, 23rd February 2022 at the Victory Services Club, Marble Arch, London
  • Tuesday, 22nd March 2022 at the offices of Reflect Financial Limited, Prince’s Dock, Liverpool
  • Wednesday, 27th April 2022 at the Victory Services Club, Marble Arch, London


The full programme of pre-retirement seminars for 2022 can be accessed via this link


Having been the Principal of Pearson Financial Management (a Senior Partner Practice within St James’s Place Wealth Management) for many years, Phil’s business has now been incorporated into Reflect Financial Limited, a wholly-owned Practice within St James’s Place.  Phil is a Senior Financial Planning Consultant with Reflect Financial and leads for the company with the PSA.


Each seminar will commence at 10.00am and conclude no later than 5.30pm.  The following subject areas will be covered:


  • Money management and inflation
  • Investment strategy and risk
  • Estate planning and wills (including ‘power of attorney’)
  • Police pension schemes and taxation (including Annual Allowance and Lifetime Allowance)
  • The impact of ‘the remedy’
  • Preparing for retirement


Phil and Tim will be supported at the seminars by Richard Bate (Solicitor; Weightmans LLP).


Intended primarily for those members who are within two years of retirement, members with 25+ years of service are also most welcome to attend.  The wide range of subjects being covered will ensure they are of interest and relevance to members in this service band.


If you would like to reserve your place at one of these seminars, which are free to attend, please contact Tim Jackson (tim.jackson@sjpp.co.uk).  Spouses/partners are also welcome to attend.


Those delegates who have already registered for any of these events do not need to do so again.


True Bearing Chartered Financial Planners
Please see below information provided by True Bearing:

We offer independent financial advice to clients throughout the North West, North East, through to London. Our Financial Advisers have decades of experience in advising clients and passionately believe in face-to-face financial advice. We are extremely proud of our service and the awards we have won, but this isn’t the only reason to choose us. We were awarded the prestigious “Chartered Financial Planners” title by The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) in 2010. Chartered status is an exclusive title only awarded to 4% of all UK IFAs firms, which meet rigorous criteria relating to professionalism and capability.


We pride ourselves on excellent communication with our clients and in 2010 we were the first IFA to achieve Investors in People Gold accreditation in recognition of our staff and systems, we have retained the Gold accreditation ever since. In 2018 True Bearing won ‘GOLD Employer of the Year’ at the Investors in People Awards 2018 for category 50 to 249 employees. It was the first time True Bearing entered the awards as it was an opportunity to benchmark ourselves against high performing organisations, not just within the UK but on a global scale.


Other achievements are ‘Best Financial Firm in Lancashire’ at the Red Rose Awards in 2016 and 2018. We also achieved Professional Practice of the Year in 2016 along with an award for our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility at the BIBAs. True Bearing has over 15 years’ experience in business and has been growing every year to become a regional leader.

True Bearing is directly regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We provide advice across the whole of the market, and we do not sell products; our incentive is getting the best results for our clients. This is achieved through impartial, unrestricted advice that considers every financial solution on the relevant market. We have Chartered IFAs, Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA), some of whom are qualified under The Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP). True Bearing employs legal specialists to complement its financial planning for clients.


Having been actively involved in the retirement workshops for a number of years, True Bearing officially launched its own Pre-Retirement Workshops in 2013. Currently we work with Cumbria Constabulary, Lancashire Constabulary, Cheshire Constabulary and Merseyside Police. Since our launch we support over 60 major employers and deliver over 150 workshops per year to the private and public sectors. Following the delivery of courses to the Chief Police Officer’s Staff Association, saw us recommended to other police forces throughout the UK.

We are thrilled to be working with the Police Superintendents’ Association again this year and are offering webinars and workshops noted below.


True Bearing Pre Retirement Workshop will cover:

  • Life Time Allowance and Annual Allowance
  • Police Pension
  • Taxation
  • Financial Planning before and after retirement
  • Estate Planning
  • Making Wills
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • State Benefits

IACP News- 9th November


Law Enforcement Agencies Still Failing To Report Shootings To FBI

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (11/7, Silver, Jacobs) reports that “nearly two-thirds of the country’s roughly 18,000 law enforcement agencies are still not turning over details about violent encounters that national experts had hoped could lead to improved training and ultimately save lives. Near the bottom of the list: Pennsylvania – where just 1% of police agencies have sent their use-of-force statistics to the FBI during the first three months of the year, a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette analysis shows.” The Post-Gazette adds, “Despite support from the White House, top members of Congress, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the program’s lack of participation has created gaps in a system that was created during one of the most tumultuous periods in the nation’s history.”

WSJournal Analysis: Texas Border Arrests Overwhelm Courts, Result In Few Convictions

The Wall Street Journal Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (11/8, Findell, Caldwell, Subscription Publication) reports that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s use of state law enforcement to enforce immigration laws by arresting migrants for trespassing is overwhelming Texas courts and resulting in few convictions. According to the Journal, court records show that only three percent of the approximately 1,500 migrants arrested on misdemeanor trespassing charges since July in what Abbott dubbed Operation Lone Star have been convicted, all through guilty pleas.


Criminal Groups Profiting From Trafficking In Plastic Waste

The Los Angeles Times Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (11/8, Phillips) reports, “Americans like to think they are recycling their plastic takeout food containers, cutlery and flimsy grocery bags when they toss them into those green or blue bins. But, too often, that waste is shipped overseas, sometimes with the help of organized crime groups, where it litters cities, clogs waterways or is burned, filling the air with toxic chemicals.” According to the Times, “A report published Monday by the independent Swiss research group Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, whose members include current and former law-enforcement officials, sheds new light on how this waste winds up in poorer countries that had agreed not to accept it. Building on a previous investigation by Interpol, the new report maps the web of brokers, middlemen, legitimate recycling companies and organized crime groups that move millions of tons of discarded plastic from the United States, Europe and Australia to countries in Southeast Asia and Africa.”

Missing North Carolina Teen Found After Using Hand Sign Alerting She Was In Danger

NBC News Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (11/6, Acevedo) reports, “Authorities were able to find a missing 16-year-old girl after she caught the attention of a driver by using hand gestures popularized on the social media platform TikTok.” NBC News adds, “According to the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky, the girl was inside a silver-colored Toyota car when the driver saw her using hand signals known on TikTok ‘to represent violence at home – I need help – domestic violence.’ After recognizing what the signals meant and seeing that the teen ‘appeared to be in distress,’ the driver called 911, the sheriff’s office said in a statement. The alert led to the arrest of 61-year-old James Herbert Brick of Cherokee, North Carolina, Thursday afternoon while driving near a Kentucky interstate.”

Oil Stolen In Colombia Used In Illegal Drug Trade

Reuters Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (11/8, Griffin) reports, “Theft from oil pipelines in Colombia is booming as criminal gangs look to replace dwindling supplies of smuggled Venezuelan gasoline for use in” the illegal drug trade, according to data that comes from tax authorities and the oil pipeline operation company Cenit. Gasoline “is a key component in making cocaine but there have been shortages of the fuel in Venezuela during that country’s social and economic crisis.” So, members of “criminal groups in Colombia are tapping pipelines for ever more crude, which they must later refine.”

Federal Agents Seize 100 Kilos Of Cocaine In Chicago

The AP Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (11/9) reports from Chicago, “Federal agents have seized 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of cocaine in Chicago. Three people were arrested, and a private plane was seized as part of last Wednesday’s operation, the US Attorney’s office for the Northern District of Illinois said Monday in a release.” The cocaine “was part of a suspected Mexico-to-Chicago drug pipeline. Eighty kilograms (176 pounds) were found in a vehicle in the city’s River North neighborhood, while another 20 kilograms (44 pounds) were taken from a hotel room along Chicago’s Gold Coast, according to criminal complaints filed in federal court. The drugs allegedly had been flown into an airport in Gary, Indiana, earlier Wednesday from Houston. The flight originated southwest of Mexico City in Toluca, Mexico.”

Police Arrest Man Suspected In Series Of Random Shootings In Missouri

The New York Times Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (11/8, Robles) reports law enforcement authorities in Missouri have arrested Perez D. Reed, who is “suspected of killing six people and injuring two others in what appeared to be a series of random attacks.” Reed, “who turns 26 on Wednesday, was charged with four counts of first-degree murder after the police tracked his cellphone and arrested him carrying a weapon that had been linked to all six shootings in Missouri.”

Coroner Worried That Illicit Fentanyl May Be Found In Marijuana

In online coverage, Fox News Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (11/8) reports that it interviewed Dr. William Clark, who said he is concerned that illicit fentanyl may be found in marijuana. Clark, who is the coroner for East Baton Rouge Parish in Louisiana, said, “We’re already seeing” that other drugs have been laced with illicit fentanyl, “so the next iteration of this would be that it ends up in marijuana.” The Fox News coverage links to a video clip of the Clark interview segment. That segment briefly highlights the DEA’s effort to prevent fentanyl-related problems in the US.

AP Report: Frustration Rising As Mexican Army Doesn’t Combat Cartels

The AP Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (11/8, Stevenson) runs an extensive piece highlighting how the Mexican army is no longer actively fighting drug cartels in some parts of the country. In one region, the army “has largely stopped fighting drug cartels here, instead ordering soldiers to guard the dividing lines between gang territories so they won’t invade each other’s turf — and turn a blind eye to the cartels’ illegal activities just a few hundred yards away.” The piece highlights the frustration of Mexicans with the military and its failure to fight the cartels under President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s policy of “hugs, not bullets.”

US Indicts Two Congolese Nationals Indicted For Trafficking Ivory, Rhinoceros Horn

Reuters Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (11/8, Singh) reports the Justice Department on Monday announced “two people from the Democratic Republic of Congo have been arrested in the United States and indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly trafficking elephant ivory and white rhinoceros horn from DRC to Seattle.” Reuters adds that according to the indictment, they “also sold 55 pounds of pangolin scales to a U.S. buyer but ultimately did not ship them.”


International Crackdown Results In Indictment Of REvil Ransomware Hackers

The Washington Post Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (11/8, Nakashima, Bennett) reports the DOJ on Monday “announced arrests and charges against hackers allegedly affiliated with the REvil ransomware group, which officials said has been involved in thousands of attacks.” The actions “include the arrest of a Ukrainian national in Poland last month, and the announcement of charges against him and a Russian national, Yevgeniy Polyanin, Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a briefing at the department.” The DOJ “also announced that authorities seized at least $6.1 million in funds allegedly linked to ransom payments received by Polyanin.” The AP (11/8, Tucker, Suderman) reports Garland said, “The Justice Department is sparing no resource to identify and bring to justice anyone, anywhere who targets the United States with a ransomware attack.”

Reuters Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (11/8, Hosenball, Singh) reports that in a statement on Monday, President Biden said his Administration has taken “important steps to harden” critical infrastructure against cyberattacks. The President added, “When I met with President Putin in June, I made clear that the United States would take action to hold cybercriminals accountable. That’s what we have done today.”

The New York Times Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (11/8, Benner, Perlroth) reports Polyanin is “accused of conducting ransomware attacks against American government entities and businesses, including one that temporarily shut down the meat supply giant JBS.” Yaroslav Vasinskyi, who was arrested in Poland last month, is accused of “multiple ransomware attacks, including the July 2021 assault on the technology company Kaseya. The attack on Kaseya, which manages internet technology infrastructure for other companies, allowed hackers to infect the systems of Kaseya’s hundreds of customers.” The Wall Street Journal Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (11/8, Volz, McMillan, Subscription Publication) also covers this story.

AGS Conference 2021

AGS Conference 2021

Minister for Justice Ms Humphreys and Garda Commissioner Harris pictured with the National Executive Committee at today’s AGS Annual Conference .

Garda Commissioner

Garda Commissioner

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris will address the next Annual Delegate Conference of the Association.